Apr 11, 2013

Vintage Lifestyle Magazine Feature

My first magazine feature and I am so elated!!! Yes... I danced around my home like a little girl when I was contacted to do this interview. Vintage Lifestyle Magazine now known as Georgette Magazine is a South African based online magazine inspired by all things vintage. It is such an amazing honor to be featured in not just any magazine but a magazine that I actually love reading. It is such a whimsical magazine and if you haven't been reading it I definitely recommend you start reading it. It is the perfect balance of modern and vintage, how to incorporate vintage ideas, fashion, art, etc into today. I enjoy the fact that Vintage Lifestyle Magazine is very inspiring and at the same time educational. You can travel the world through the eyes of many different people, garner great home décor ideas, enjoy the many different forms of art, and of course, absolutely gorgeous vintage as well as vintage inspired fashion. I did an interview on People & Places and you can read the entire interview here from page 80-87.

Thank you to Nicole Danielle Warr, Founder and Editor at Vintage Lifestyle Magazine and thank you to the entire team!!!

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Mar 28, 2013

Black and White Floral Print

My sewing machine has been collecting dust for the past few months but not any more. A good friend of mine and I started a project yesterday to adjust some of the pieces in our closets.  I have a few vintage dresses for the store and some of my own that I need to adjust and this is one of them. Everything about this dress is pretty to me except the unflattering hemline. I am one of those girls who loves a maxi and likes a midi.... but that in between is really not my cup of tea. I use the belt to adjust the length (tacky I know) but I figured I need to stop being slothful and just adjust the hem permanently. Sewing is such a therapeutic hobby... especially with your girlfriends... lots of good conversation.

Dress, Belt, Shoes - Vintage
Photos by - Chai Studio

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Mar 25, 2013

Homemade Almond Butter (and other butters)

It's simple, it's healthy, it's delicious, it's inexpensive... what more can you ask for. I used to buy almond butter but after talking with a friend who literally makes everything from scratch I decided to make my own. I must say, it was easier than I expected. Nuts are a great way to get protein and good fats that are essential for optimal health. I use different nut butters in many different recipes or I eat it just as is on bread or with carrots. I will share some recipes in a later post.

This method can be adopted for any type of nut but I made raw almond butter because I really enjoy almonds. For the most nutritional value I prefer to use raw nuts but you could use roasted, honey roasted, etc.


  • Raw almonds (or any other nut you would like to use... raw, roasted, honey roasted, salted, etc           -Use your desired quantity. I used 2 cups.
  • Food processor (Kitchen Aid  or Cuisinart processor will do)
  • Spatula to scrap sides
  • Mason jar to store
How to 
  • Place almonds in food processor
  • Process for about 4 minutes, scrap down sides, continue to process, check continually
  • Process until desire consistency is achieved
  • Place in mason jar or recycled glass jar and store in refrigerator
  • See visual progression below

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Mar 19, 2013

Vintage Wedding Dress Code

My husband and I just got back from Michigan. We were attending one of my long time friend's wedding. We have been friends since primary school back home in Zimbabwe. We attended the same high school. She was my tennis partner in doubles at high school. We lived in the same area back home. We have so many good memories together. Now she lives in Chicago and I'm in New York... years later and we are still friends. Even if we don't talk for months whenever we talk it is like we were never apart. It is so important to build solid friendships. 

It was such a beautiful wedding and we had so much fun. She looked like a queen in her Nigerian garb and so beautiful in her wedding gown. My heart was so full to see her so happy and I was at peace to see how much her new husband loves her and loves God. What more can you ask for... 

This is what I wore to the wedding...

Dress, belt - Vintage * Shoes - gifted
Photos by Chai Studio

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Mar 13, 2013

Ode to Flowerless Fields

Fallow ground, yellow withered grass
Naked trees
Snow white flakes, mixed with drops of rain
Why did the petals fall

Sky is blue, Clouds are grey
Where is the balance of green 
Splashes of purple, pink, and red
Waiting for fields of flowers

By Ruvarashe

From one flower to another. There is a time and season for everything. 

Dress, cardigan - Vintage, Shoes - Urban Outfitters
Photos By - Chai Studio

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Mar 12, 2013

All shades of white

I know black and white is a trend right now but I have never been one to follow trends. I prefer style over trend any day and in my opinion white is quite stylish. White is such a refreshing color and looks great on all skin tones. I think every lady's closet should consist of a few white pieces and if you are like me and like to dress your man then his closet shouldn't shy away from white either. The key is to pick a shade of white that works great with your skin tone. White is great because it can be worn year round. Whether you do winter white or wear it in the summer, white is perfect for all seasons. I have been crushing on white lately.

Source- various tumblrs and sites - www.wheredidugetthatstreet.com. If you see an image you would like me to remove let me know :)

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Mar 7, 2013

Lovely Things

The loveliest flower I have ever seen. Orchids are my love.

I love the creativity in New York. I saw this piece at a vintage market and thought it was quite creative.

Combining certain foods increases the absorption of nutrients in our bodies. I thought this diagram was great.

I love to see how customers rock items form Ruvarashe Vintage Boutique. Khethiwe is doing it in this vintage blouse!!! Her natural hair is so beautiful too!!!

Have you see this video? It is cute and inspirational.

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