Aug 3, 2011

Words dipped in honey

Watching a black and white movie the other day reminded me once again of why I love vintage... all things vintage. I love the way women of old carried themselves. Each day they would dress up as if they were going somewhere special. Whether it was their hair, makeup or fashion... it was always done to the fullest and remarkably well. The way they spoke was like an art form… like their words were dipped in honey.

I learn so much from these women of old… not just fashion inspiration.  I learn to embrace my femininity and to be all the woman that I can be. To dip my words in honey so that whatever I say may be received and understood by the recipient. The latter has helped me a lot especially when relating to my husband and the opposite sex in general. Lol.  My father taught me that truth not spoken in love is no truth at all. 

[Source- various tumblrs and sites. If you see an image you would like me to remove let me know :)]


  1. Oh what I'd do to be proper and dress all fancy everyday like 'em ladies *sigh* My reality calls for jeans and tees most of the time.

  2. Oh wouldn't it be lovely dear. *sigh*

  3. where do you buy your vintage stuff from???? also what are some tips for buying vintage??

  4. Vintage items can be found at estate sales, antique stores, thrift stores, online and many other places. I am opening an online vintage boutique so look forward to that as well. I will do a post on tips to buying vintage.