Sep 20, 2011

Bright Clear Skin

On this side of the world the weather is changing. Fall/autumn is here and it is arguably my favorite season - spring being the contender. :) It is important to take care of our skin year round but I find that in the colder months our skin needs extra care. I love to share organic, homemade, DIY, natural concoctions on beauty so here is one of my favorite recipes for bright, glowing, clear skin. If you suffer from acne scars this will also help to clear those stubborn dark marks. I do this about once a week but you can do it more often if you are trying to get rid of acne scars. This scrub will help to get rid of dead skin that causes our skin to look dull and you are left with bright glowing skin.

To make this face scrub you will need:
  • organic lemon (cut in half)
  • brown sugar - 2 tsp (sugar contains glycolic acid which is excellent for the skin in so many ways)
  • organic cane sugar - 1 tsp ( I add this because the texture is more course and aids in exfoliating. If your skin is sensitive you can skip this ingredient)
  • warm damp face cloth  

Start with a clean face. In a small mixing bowl add the sugar and squeeze the lemon juice from both halves. Mix the sugar and lemon juice together slightly. Take the mixture and apply it to your face with your fingers. Once your face is fully covered take one lemon half and pour whatever sugar mixture is remaining onto the lemon. Use the open lemon to exfoliate and rub in circular motions all around your face avoiding the skin around the eyes. Make sure to exfoliate all over your face including your chin and down your neck. Be gentle while doing this. I usually rub for about 2 - 3 minutes. Allow this to sit on your face for about 5 minutes then with a warm damp face cloth wipe your face clean. Follow with a splash of cold water and pat your face dry. Take your favorite moisturizer and pat on to skin. Since I do this at night time I use an oil to moisturize (mostly jojoba oil). Please do not go into the sun with this scrub on your face or leave it on for extended periods as the lemon can be harmful to your skin. I suggest doing this face scrub as part of your night routine one to three times a week as needed.

Let's Blossom!!!

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