Dec 19, 2011

Natural Hair Shrinkage

Shrinkage is one of those things most naturals deal with. Shrinkage is when curls are tight and cause the hair to appear shorter. Hair can appear up to 80% shorter than it's actual length. This usually happens when hair is wet.

When I first went natural I despised shrinkage. No matter how long my hair grew it still looked the same, short teeny weeny afro - TWA... it still does. I quickly realized that instead of despising my own God given hair I should just embrace it. The sooner I embraced my hair the sooner it became beautiful to me and those around me. With time I have learned how to use shrinkage to my benefit. I like to keep the hair in the back of my head shrunken and stretch the hair on top to create somewhat of a cropped look. It looks like my hair is cut this way but it really isn't. Got to love that natural hair... it is so versatile.

Thanks Lovelies! Let's Blossom!


  1. You're so right...they way you've done it makes it look like a really great cut! You know how to rock you natural hair girl.

  2. love the hair! cant wait till mine gets to that length. have you used henna to get those bronze tones in your hair?

  3. a bit off topic but i adore your skin. Can u do a post on your skin care regimen.