Jan 23, 2012

OOTD - No Moment Like Now

After being stuck at home due to the snow my husband and I decided to head to one our favorite little spots for dinner on Sunday night. Well... we weren't really stuck but the snow just made us want to stay indoors and cuddle. :)

I have been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear this lovely 80s vintage coat. I really like this coat... it feels so luxurious and the color is so rich. While this was not the perfect occasion I wore it anyway... just because. I'm looking forward to styling it in a more elegant fashion but for now this will have to work.

There is no moment like now... wear it now, do it now!!!

Vintage Faux Fur Coat, necklace - thrifted, Earrings - Vintage, Dress - H&M, Boots - Shoegasm

Thanks Lovelies! Let's Blossom!