Nov 30, 2012

Floral Boucle

I have been working on something for the past few months which I will share with you in due time. It was quite a challenge for me because it is something that I have never done before. Through it all I second guessed myself, I procrastinated, I felt discouraged but I thank God for companions who can speak words of encouragement. It is important to have people in our lives who are not afraid to say it like it is... how else would we grow. I finally buckled down, submitted everything to God, then got to work and today I have completed the first stage. (doing my happy dance) This is only the first step but sometimes the first step is the hardest to make. God is so good lovelies!!!

Jumpsuit, Boucle Cardigan - Vintage * Shoes - F21
Photos by - Chai Studio
Let's Blossom!!!

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  1. love how you've put everything together... love the photoshoot

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