Jan 10, 2012

Dessert then Dinner

I had a lovely full day this past Sunday. I was up early in the morning to head to JFK Airport to pick up my lovely cousin. She is in school in Canada and was in the motherland for the holidays. On her way back to school she passed through NY to spend some time with my husband and I. I was really excited because I haven't seen her since the wedding.

After a lovely brunch at home we decided to head into the city and explore. :) It was the perfect day to explore because the weather was not too cold.

After checking out a few shops and hanging at Times Square we heading to SoHo area to have some hot chocolate coupled with macaroons which was absolutely delicious.

After hanging out there we decided to go and have a nice light dinner at one of my favorite Asian spots.

Have you ever had dessert then dinner? It feels good to shake things up a bit. It was even more lovely seeing my cousin, my sister. :)


  1. love your blog!!! yes i do dessert before dinner all the time!

  2. I LOVE YOU!!!