Jan 10, 2012

Happy New Year Lovelies

This is the first post of the new year and I hope you all have a lovely 2012... let's be intentional about it.

For those of you that make resolutions I hope you have not already strayed from your path. :) If you have don't worry... you can always find it again. I have never really been one for making new year resolutions but I am a firm believer in frequently taking time out to asses my path to make sure I am not straying.

Some things that help me to stay focused...

  • We have all heard it... have an accountability partner. Tell someone about your decision. If you keep it to yourself it will be easier to stray.
  • Find ways of giving back with your decision. For example if you decide to lose weight or become healthier find ways to do it in which you are serving someone or giving back... take your children, nieces, nephews out to the park to play, dog walk for a friend, if you have a friend who is overweight ask them to walk with you once a week or something like that... you get the picture. Another example is if you decide to get more organized donate items to local charities. There are so many ways to give back. It is more blessed to give than to receive. I have found that in whatever I do if I am doing good for someone else I am more motivated to continue and do even more.
  • Gain understanding, have a love for truth and shun ignorance. I have always found that if I have understanding on an issue I am more likely to follow through. Instead of just saying I want to lose weight figure out why... have a reason for your decision. When decisions are made after thorough analysis and understanding the decision is more likely to stick. 
  • If you lose your path just walk back and don't be hard on yourself. There is beauty in falling... you learn something and you are able to encourage someone else who may have fallen. My father always tells me that the only true failure is failing to get up after you have fallen.
Please share what your resolutions are for this year if you have any. If you are going to apply any of these tips to your resolutions let me know how as well. I would love to hear how you decide to give back with your  resolution.

I thank God for blessing us all to be here. Let's be intentional about having a lovely year and let's continue to blossom.

I love you all and thank you for the support.

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