Feb 23, 2012

Drink your herbs - Rooibos

Oh how I love rooibos. When I was younger and still living at home in Zimbabwe with my parents, I used to make this tea almost every night. My mom loves this tea and I can hear her voice right now calling me and asking me to make her a cup of tea (every African child can relate to this). As I got older I started to enjoy the tea as well and now I drink a cup of rooibos at least 4 times a week. When I was younger I had no idea how powerful of an herb I was drinking but with age comes wisdom (hopefully). If you drink rooibos kudos to you and if you are not drinking this herb... GET ON IT!!!

Some of the benefits of rooibos:
  • Full of vitamins and minerals such as calcium, zinc, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium
  • The alpha hydroxyl acid and zinc contents in rooibos are great for skin. You can apply rooibos topically to the skin to relieve acne, pimples, sunburns or related skin conditions (I use a tea bag of rooibos in my homemade toner).
  • The anti-oxidants present in rooibos tea slow down the aging process and also boost the immunity levels of the body.
  • Contains polyphenols and has been shown to be anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory and anti-viral.
  • Contains flavanoids which act as anti-oxidants. A study found that some flavanoids in rooibos are more effective at eliminating free radicals than those found in green tea.
  • Rooibos tea is totally caffeine-free, therefore it is recommended by many doctors for insomniacs. A cup of rooibos tea just before going to bed can help you sleep better.
  • Rooibos tea is said to bring relief to stress, nervous tensions and hypertension conditions.
  • The tea is rich in anti-spasmodic agents, which eases severe stomach cramps and abdominal pains.
There are so many other benefits to drinking rooibos tea. I drink rooibos and use it on my skin as well. I love the taste of rooibos so I drink it plain but feel free to add agave nectar or honey to sweeten. You can also add dairy milk and if you are vegetarian or vegan add almond milk.

** Please be advised- Information on the traditional uses and properties of herbs are provided on this site for educational use only, and is not intended as medical advice. Every attempt has been made for accuracy, but none is guaranteed. Many traditional uses and properties of herbs have not been validated by the FDA. If you have any serious health concerns, you should always check with your health care practitioner before self-administering herbs. **

Let's Blossom!!! I love you!!!

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