Jun 22, 2012

Me and My Boyfriend

I am really not one for following trends... but yes these are or used to be my boyfriend's husband's jeans. Is it weird but I sometimes forget that he is my husband... like we are still dating. My husband and I dated long distance our entire relationship... we never lived in the same area. Now that we are married and together it still feels like we are in the dating phase. I wonder when i'll stop forgetting...

I added some new items to the store... be sure to check them out!!!

jeans - distressed hubby's * shoes, clutch, belt, shades - vintage * lace tank - thrifted

Thanks lovelies!!! Let's Blossom!!!


  1. so cool. had never thot of that. the jeans

  2. I love these jeans! This is really the only type of jean I wanna wear on the weekends now because its so hot!