Jul 13, 2012

Peter Pan Love

So over the holiday/birthday my sister came to visit all the way from Portland... I hadn't seen her in over a year. You can imagine my excitement... it was the best birthday gift ever. Though she is my younger sister she inspires me on so many levels and I just love her to bits.

I am not sure how many young ladies read my blog but if you consider yourself young then this one is for you. My sister has taught me many lessons directly and indirectly... the most potent lessons being indirectly. It is in the life that she choses to live. When we chose to blossom we produce a sweet scent... that scent enriches the lives of those around us. Though the flower is young it is still a flower. You may think you are too young to inspire others but that is far from the truth. Live your life in a way that enriches others and you will be amazed at how many people are inspired to do the same... just by watching and observing you.

My sister bought me this vintage inspired blouse on her recent trip to London. I really like anything with a peter pan collar so I couldn't wait to style this. It seems like I wear hats everyday now... it is super hot.

Blouse - gifted * Shorts - Lush * Hat - Topshop * Shoes - thrifted * Vintage Ralph Lauren Messenger Bag - In RVB soon

Thanks Lovelies! Let's Blossom!

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