Jul 16, 2012

Tribal Vintage Juxtapose

I wore this outfit for a day of gem hunting with my lovely cousin sister. She was also in town for a few days and we both love to hunt for goodies... the rest is history. She has been shooting for me so thanks to her I am able to post more fashion posts (insert happy dance). I must mention that she designed my logo for Ruvarashe Vintage Boutique... she is so talented and artistic.

I love the idea of mixing the unexpected. Try pairing a vintage maxi dress with a beautiful tribal headwrap and I think it would look regal and exquisite. Or if you luck out like me and find an awesome tribal jacket... pair it with any outfit for a perfect juxtapose.

For some reason whenever I find a pair of shoes I really like I wear them like every day. A few months ago it was my oxfords and now it is these St John's Bay sandals... I need balance.

 Blouse, Shorts, Shoes - Vintage * Vintage Ralph Lauren Bag - In RVB soon *  Jacket - Tribal

Thanks Lovelies! Let's Blossom!!!


  1. OMW I have the same jacket (but mine's in blue) all the way here in Zim! I found it while I was rummaging away at the second hands rails at Avondale flea market!

    Great Blog!!!

    <3 all the way from Zim

  2. Kuda, that is great!!! I hope you are rocking that jacket. Thank you for your support hun!!!

  3. nice post..


  4. so cute :)