Mar 19, 2013

Vintage Wedding Dress Code

My husband and I just got back from Michigan. We were attending one of my longtime friend's wedding. We have been friends since primary school back home in Zimbabwe. We attended the same high school. She was my tennis partner in doubles at high school. We lived in the same area back home. We have so many good memories together. Now she lives in Chicago and I'm in New York... years later and we are still friends. Even if we don't talk for months, whenever we talk it's like we were never apart. It is so important to build solid friendships. 

It was such a beautiful wedding and we had so much fun. She looked like a queen in her Nigerian garb and so beautiful in her wedding gown. My heart was so full to see her so happy and I was at peace to see how much her new husband loves her and loves God. What more could you ask for... 

This is what I wore to the wedding...

Dress, belt - Vintage * Shoes - gifted
Photos by Chai Studio

Let's Blossom!!!


  1. You look like Georgie Baddiel! The dress is super lovely

  2. & the shoes too lol.. wish you lived in the UK so I can borrow it haha !

  3. Glad to know about this colorful vintage wedding! The wedding ceremony seems wonderful and a nice inspiration for me. Actually I am also finding ideas for my wedding theme. I want to have a beautiful grand ceremony at nice domestic Seattle Wedding venues.