Oct 17, 2012

Mint Fur

The heart of a woman is like a compass whose needle points ever to love, no matter what direction she takes. That is why a woman must recognize that to be loved is both her privilege and her right; she must accept this gladly, and submit to it rationally. Only then can she develop a deeper intuition of what true love is, and in her determination to find it, be able to doubt and reject fraudulent facsimiles. For that woman... she will not give herself indiscreetly, she will not commit herself carelessly. Daniéle Starenkyj, Woman's True Desire pg 25

I am reading the book above and I am loving it... check it out if you will.

Coat, Dress, Clutch, Booties - Vintage
Photos by - Chai Studio

Let's Blossom!!!

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