Oct 12, 2012

Plaid Shenanigans

Either I really miss my home, Zimbabwe or the fact that I can now walk almost everywhere has me wearing this bag almost everyday. It is quite comfortable, accommodates all my belongings and gives my outfits that boho look that I like. I bought it at the Avondale flea market in Harare, Zimbabwe two years ago and I have worn it more in the past month than ever before. 

Plaid is a great fall print so if I were you I would jump on it. I recently sold this and this in the store and kind of regret listing them. Lol... kidding. Plaid and flannel all in one. You snooze, you lose. More plaid and flannel coming to the boutique soon.

Dress, Boots, Shades - Vintage * Beanie - Target * Bag - Flea Market
Photos by - Chai Studio

Let's Blossom!!!

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